‘Dignity’ poster for Art of Fundamental Rights

12. januar 2022By Karen Land HansenCommissions

My poster DIGNITY is available from the website of Nyt Europa/New Europe: www.nyteuropa.dk. The poster is part of Art of Fundamental Rights, the new art project focusing on EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights: DIGNITY, FREEDOMS, EQUALITY, SOLIDARITY, CITIZEN’S RIGHTS and JUSTICE. My contribution to the project is this interpretation of the chapter of DIGNITY. Posters and the original art works will travel from Copenhagen to Cologne, Lisbon, Gdansk, Brussels and The People’s Meeting on Bornholm.

Dignity at the launch of Art of Fundamental Rights

6. december 2021By Karen Land HansenCommissions

Titel: Dignity, 2021, woodcut and collage. From the launch of Art of Fundamental Rights in Byens Plantetorv. New Europe is behind this art project, where seven visual artists interpret the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. New Europe thus wants to focus on the fundamental rights we have that are under attack today. The project will travel to various destinations in Denmark and other EU countries. For the project, New Europe has also made a poster version of the works, which can be seen and available on their website www.nyteuropa.dk. The other artists are Raquel Pedro, Kristine Hellesøe, Karolin Scwarb, Abdallah al Omari, Peter Zelei and Benjamin Abana. Thank you to New Europe for an exciting collaboration. Photo by Julie Rosenkilde. @nyteuropa #artoffundamentalrights #dignity #karenlandhansen #contemporaryart

Launch of Art of Fundamental Rights

8. oktober 2021By Karen Land HansenCommissions

The launch of Art of Fundamental Rights will be on November 19th 17-20 pm at Byens Plantetorv, Refshalevej 167D – Port 33, 1432 Copenhagen

Working together with GEUS The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

8. oktober 2021By Karen Land HansenCommissions

In the beginning of 2020 I began conversations with GEUS The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland about working together on an art installation project based on their mappings of the seabed. With the reopening of society we have now started the project. GEUS is a research and advisory institution in The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities.

Art of Fundamental Rights

8. oktober 2021By Karen Land HansenCommissions

I am participating in the art project Art of Fundamental Rights organised by the Danish NGO Nyt Europa (New Europe). The project aims to highlight EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights. I’m interpreting the chapter of Dignity. The art works will tour to European cities in 2021- 2022.

Nature, Landscape – Paper, art workshops for 200 young people at Trappegalleriet

4. oktober 2021By Karen Land HansenCommissions

200 young people from schools and courses in Nakskov participated in the project Nature, Landscape – Paper. They spent the day at Trappegalleriet beginning with conversations about the human interventions in other parts of nature and landscape in relation to the art works on show. After the initial conversations in the gallery we continued to work outside, making performative exercises in ‘Indrefjorden’ centered on elements of nature. Finally the young people participated in two workshops, sculpting in paper pulp and drawing.

The project was supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, Lolland City Council and Trappegalleriet.

Audio stories now ready for listening on walking trail at Dyndet.

10. august 2021By Karen Land HansenCommissions

The audio stories created by the team at Borup Library are now ready for listening. The stories, which center around four elements of nature, can be experienced at my four sculptures. Following a walking trail at Dyndet nature area outside the town of Borup one encounters these four stops, where a QR code, use your phone to scan it, will lead you to the stories. https://koege.dk/borger/Kultur-idraet-og-fritid/Kultur–og-fritidstilbud/Lydvandringer-i-Dyndet-i-Borup.aspx

Mosaic at Vibenshus School. House artist, The Danish Arts Foundation/ Huskunstner, Statens Kunstfond

17. juni 2021By Karen Land HansenCommissions

Children from Vibenshus School in Copenhagen decorated their school with a permanent installation of mosaics. Together with artist Tine Hecht-Pedersen we worked with the teachers and children during a week with a focus on the artistic craft of mosaic. The theme was the transition from childhood to youth. The projected was organised together with the school and supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.