The beginning of a new body of work

28. januar 2022By Karen Land HansenCommissions

I have just received this extra ordinary 3D printed model of the seabed near Hirsholmene (DK). It will be my starting point for a new body of work in different media. I very much look forward to this process, and also to working together with GEUS (The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland) on a coming exhibition.

‘Dignity’ poster for Art of Fundamental Rights

12. januar 2022By Karen Land HansenCommissions

My poster DIGNITY is available from the website of Nyt Europa/New Europe: The poster is part of Art of Fundamental Rights, the new art project focusing on EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights: DIGNITY, FREEDOMS, EQUALITY, SOLIDARITY, CITIZEN’S RIGHTS and JUSTICE. My contribution to the project is this interpretation of the chapter of DIGNITY. Posters and the original art works will travel from Copenhagen to Cologne, Lisbon, Gdansk, Brussels and The People’s Meeting on Bornholm.