“Echo Monument”, Sculpture by the sea, Aarhus bay, Denmark, June 5th to 28th, 2009. The work received an award from the Danish Arts Foundation. A new version “Ekko Monument” is currently being made as a permanent sculptural installation at Aarhus Bugt.

“Echo Monument” is based on ”The White City by the Sea” exposition (Landsudstillingen), held in Aarhus in 1909. The work commemorates this event in a combination of sculpture and sound. The sculptural part is a series of light skeletal structures which are sculptural models of “White City by the Sea” pavilions (size 1/10 of original buildings). At intervals piano music by the silent music composer John Stepan Zamecnik are played from inbuilt speakers. The pianist Peter Lindgren reinterpreted Zamecnik’s compositions, and recording and sound was made by Nicolai Land and Niels Plenge. The work invites viewers into the work, to walk underneath the pavilions.