”And in it all good looked evil and all that was beautiful turned into nothing”, sculptural installation at Frederiksberg Have, 2005. The work was part of the exhibition “Vandspejl/Water Reflection”.

Extract from the exhibition text by art historian Johanna Lassenius: “The romantic garden at Frederiksberg has seduced its visitors with its staged version of nature composed of twisted canals and exotic vistas for more than 200 years. At the time the garden was constructed artists participated in creating atmospheres designed to transport the visitor’s imagination to another world, operating almost as a series of “pictures” one could enter. With the exhibition Vandspejl artists will once again address the atmosphere and history of the park. The artists have made site-specific artworks relating directly to water and the garden. They introduce a sphere between fiction and reality, where nothing is quite what it seems to be”.

Extract from the exhibition text ‘The art of loosing oneself’ by art historian Mads Damsbo: “For her piece ‘And in it all good looked evil and all that what beautiful turned into nothing’ Karen Land Hansen has created a pavilion in which are projected images of Frederiksberg garden in winter. The images reveal the body as the basis for memory and the ability to repress memory. In the heat of summer the images create a sense of nostalgia, a longing for a lost and unattainable past”